Drupal 7 End Of Life Extended to 2022

By Bari Pollard on 26th June 2020, 15:24

Some of you may be aware that in November 2021 Drupal 7 was due to become "End of Life", however due to the Covid 19 crisis this has now been extended to November 28th 2022. See latest Drupal Blog - https://www.drupal.org/psa-2020-06-24

So what does this mean?
This just means that there is now longer before we have to update your sites from Drupal 7. However we are still working on the different scenarios so we can give you some options for your sites well before this date. 

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What CMS? Which Is Better?

By Bari Pollard on 12th September 2019, 11:28

What is a CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) is a web application that can be used to create or, as the name suggests, manage digital content without having to know how to write HTML code. This is done by adding, editing, or deleting content that is to be published on a your website. The most popular option is WordPress but there are a couple of others that work with CiviCRM in a more integrated manner. Backdrop and Drupal 7.

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A(nother) year in support 2016-2017

By Heather Oliver on 6th April 2017, 13:36

Happy New Support Year!

It's hard to believe another support year has passed! GMCVO Databases are moving into our 8th year of supporting the VCSE with CiviCRM and it's been another busy year. We've had two new colleagues Mike and Alice join the team in 2016/17 to help support with the increased number of clients and development we've been doing.

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Join our team

By Heather Oliver on 29th June 2016, 08:21

We're hiring a full-time web developer to join our team.

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CiviCRM- Managing Volunteers and Releasing Data

By craig@gmcvodata... on 26th June 2015, 16:28

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CiviGrant - Making it Happen!

By Heather Oliver on 18th September 2014, 08:25

We all know CiviCRM provides a lot of power and usability "out-of-the-box". But it's only got where it is because of hours of hard work from the core team, other developers and end users pitching in the funds to make it happen.

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