Google moves UK Data to US Data Centre

By Bari Pollard on 24th February 2020, 08:24

You might have heard that Google is moving or, if you've recently had a notification around new terms and conditions, has moved UK data from it's data centre in Ireland to the US.

What does this mean?

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2016 Training Infographic

By Alice Gaskell on 12th December 2016, 12:54

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Database review: how soon should I review my database?

By craig@gmcvodata... on 25th August 2016, 13:10

Data goes out of date.Over time every database accumulates inaccurate contact records. A database review is a key tool in keeping your data relevant.

In this post we'll look at factors that affect your data and actions to keep your database relevant to your organisation's needs.

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Infographics - A Year in Support 2015/16

By Alice Gaskell on 8th July 2016, 14:36

Infographics - A Year in Support

Infographics - A Year in Support


Infographics are a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. These are produced by combining text, pictures and charts to tell your story. 

At our most recent Network User Day we ran a session on infographics. We discussed how to make infographics, and the benefits of using these which includes;

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CiviCRM- Managing Volunteers and Releasing Data

By craig@gmcvodata... on 26th June 2015, 16:28

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