Follow our steps to find the information needed to put a Twitter widget on your website.

CiviCampaign lets you link together events, mailings, activities, and contributions under one "umbrella" so that you can track the progress of all your efforts towards one programmatic goal or campaign. This enables organizations to measure and analyze the effectiveness of their outreach and mobilization efforts. CiviCampaign allows you to: create surveys and petitions record responses


SMS stands for Short Message, or Short Messaging Service, and is simply the text messages your mobile phone may send and receive on a daily basis. CiviCRM can handle the sending and receiving of these messages from within the system, providing you with an extra means of making and tracking communication with your constituents, other than email. SMS messages can be sent to mailing lists or the

Dashboard reports can be customised for each CiviCRM user, they can show upcoming cases or events, scheduled activities and much more. In order to configure these you must first set up your report and ensure that this is set to be available on your dashboard (get in touch if you need help with this). Once your report is saved, go to CiviCRM Home and select 'Configure Your

A wildcard allows users to run a search when only partial data is known. In CiviCRM the wild card is % This can be used to complete any search, for instance a partially known email address or postcode postcode i.e. M12 %, or Wildcards can be used at the beginning, middle or end of a search.

Sub-types are categories of either Individuals or Organisations, for instance; volunteers, service users, trustees or libraries, volunteer centres, schools. These can be set up in line with your service requirements. When a contact is listed as a subtype, for instance a volunteer, all of the standard CiviCRM fields are available on their contact record, alongside any fields specific to their

If you notice multiple contacts within a search you can follow these steps to merge these. Select the duplicate contacts shown by clicking the box to the left of the record Go to the Actions menu and select ‘Merge contacts’ and then ‘Go’ Follow the merge procedure 

Dedupe data This is used to find and merge duplicates in your database. To check for duplicates and merge contacts; Go to Contacts>Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts. Choose a rule  (this is what fields to search is based on), and select ‘Use Rule’ You can then select all contacts, or look at contacts in a specific group Click ‘Merge’ for any pair of contacts shown that are

Have you ever wanted to redirect website users when they login to a specific page? Maybe you've sent an email to members and want them to visit a specific form or page, but don't know if they have logged in or not. Using a destination parameter in Drupal, this can easily be done! "" You can also redirect to CiviCRM pages with a bit of